The Moving Industry, The Carbon Footprint and Why On-demand Platforms Can Be a Game Changer


The profound effects of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on the environment and people’s health have brought radical changes that are set to transform the British economy drastically in the near future.

With the British Government committing to a target of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2050, more businesses are taking serious measures to soften carbon footprint and reduce negative environmental impact. The commitment, to be introduced in an amendment to the Climate Change Act, would make UK the first member of the G7 Group to pass legislation for net zero emissions. The burning question, however, is what would take for the UK business to achieve such an ambitious goal and lead the way to net zero carbon economy.

Without a doubt, transport is the largest source of air and noise pollution in the UK, accounting for 23% of total emissions. Hence, transport and removals businesses need to take action and pay more attention than ever on the measures to minimise their carbon footprint on the environment. It’s worthy of note here that 25% of the lorries and 15% of the vans on the UK’s roads run completely empty wasting fuel and emitting large volumes of carbon dioxide. And this mileage waste is causing serious losses for the business and catastrophic impacts on nature.



How on-demand removals and delivery platforms can help reduce carbon footprint

Next-generation moving and delivery platforms have potential to bring a positive change into the transport industry and help reduce the carbon footprint significantly. Their main goal is to provide efficient and flexible removals and delivery services and at the same time, allow companies to optimise their load capacity.

Moving marketplaces of this kind can help cut carbon emissions by enabling people to book delivery and moving services offered by companies that are going on a given route anyway. As a result, they can utilise empty van space and save thousands of miles on the road. It’s a win-win because the customers get much lower prices to move their belongings, and the transport providers can maximise their profitability and soften the negative influence on the environment.

At European Moving Technologies, we are committed to safeguarding our planet for future generations, and we stand squarely behind the ambition for the UK to minimise carbon footprint.

With our new transport and removals marketplace App A Van, to be launched very soon, we aim at helping UK transport providers plan more efficient routes and save unnecessary miles, thus reducing carbon footprint.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates for the official App A Van launch.