How technology is reshaping the moving services industry

These days, technology is disrupting every aspect of our life and the moving industry is no different.

The world is going digital and is allowing us to use technology to change the removals industry and offer services that go beyond customer’s expectations.

On its surface, the moving industry may seem conservative, but in fact, it’s extremely competitive and segmented. There are a lot of players in the market striving to adjust their services to the latest market trends and ever-changing customer expectations. Consumers have moved forward and now spend more time online than ever. As a result, they are getting used to receiving instant offers, affordable pricing, and are looking for digital experiences which make their move less stressful and more reliable.

The Sharing Economy is disrupting the removals sector

The sharing model which up until recently was reserved for industries such as accommodation and public transport has expanded its influence and is now shaking up the relocation industry.

Moving companies have recognised the potential of the sharing economy and the on-demand trend, and learned how to leverage the latest technology to develop on-demand marketplaces where a click of a button connects consumers with moving services.

With marketplaces moving platforms, customers are able to find the best quote for their house or office move. Everything happens online through a single platform, where the customer’s listing is seen by hundreds of removals and transport companies who can send their offer instantly and win the bidding.

Combining technology with intelligent algorithms, the on-demand moving platforms help customers find the best offer at the best price. At the same time, the on-demand platforms help removals companies and drivers stay competitive and work around their schedules.


We at European Moving Technologies are going to launch our own moving services platform so stay tuned for more exciting news very soon.