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We have a clear vision for the future that takes us from direct B2C service provider to our B2B SaaS Platform

Our Growth Projections
And we’ll profitably grow the business in stages

We’ll continue to acquire customers and operators throughout Europe for our fixed-price full load model. We expect to generate revenues in excess of around €8m in our first phase of growth in 2019.

Our new website has been launch and creates local presence in several countries. We have huge traction in France & are developing German, Spanish, Italian and Benelux versions at the moment.

We can grow our existing business more than 100% in 2019 and 2020 with limited drain on new funding. We have asnwared more than 100 000 quotes.

Upon successful seed-funding, we will create our part-load exchange platform, further develop our new systems, increasing business to existing & new customers and operators.

European Moving
Direct Fixed Price Services

    We’ll continue to service our customers using hundreds of European operators from our multilingual database.

  • We will refine, improve and adapt our current platform and automation.
  • We will invest in existing and new marketing strategies
  • Further improve AI and Forge new partnerships,cost prediction algorithms.


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App A Van
Transport Exchange & Comparison

    Our new freight exchange already in development is to be launched on the “European Moving”website and on our brand new websites for domestic services, this will allow operators to bid based on their live capacity or planned routes, we will take a commission fee from the payment.

  • Will take the platform from Alpha to Beta version.
  • We will establish ourselves in not just European market place but global market places too
  • Forge new partnerships, create supply chains and new advertising campaigns.


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One Platform
B2B SaaS Platform

    As we develop our platform we will package up SaaS subscriptions that can be used by small van and man operators and SME’s like ourselves.

    The platform will enable us to reduce staffing costs with our existing model "European Moving" and open up huge new revenue streams.

  • Would take the platform past design and into development stage to build MVP
  • Optimize inventory and route planning, which in turn will improve our other two platforms
  • We will seek licensing partnerships, white labels within the wider transport and removals industry.

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We have a clear vision for the future that takes us from direct service provider to our B2B ‘One Platform’ and B2C platform “European Moving” To realise our vision for both our B2C “European Moving” and our new B2B “One Platform” SaaS model we will focus on building our new “One Platform” around our “European Moving “ business model and BETA testing between the two business models. We work on the basis there are many other companies like us with many of the software challenges that we face and we will solve them in our own live environment and roll them out to market with a working proof of concepts thoroughly tested.