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Our Platforms
Read more about what we're working on as well as what the platforms do.

European Moving

    European Moving was founded in late 2015 and is now well established within the market place as a major competitor to removals companies and is the market leader within the low-cost Man & Van sector in Europe. The company transacts in more than 30 European countries and has offices in the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland and others.

    Our mission is to provide people moving across Europe with affordable removals services tailored to meet their specific needs and requirements. At the same time, we enable them save 65% against traditional moving companies.

  • We have a multilingual team of over 50 experts working in 6 offices throughout Europe
  • Our experience, pricing algorithms and service levels ensure our competitive advantage
  • We have established a reliable and loyal network of transport providers and drivers



App A Van

    App A Van, launched in 2019, is an auction-based online delivery and removals marketplace where anyone needing a moving service can create a listing to get and compare multiple quotes from various transport providers.

    Combining technology with smart algorithms, App A Van enables customers to book removals, transport and delivery services at much lower prices. At the same time, App A Van helps removals and transport companies maximise their income by securing extra work and utlising empty capacity.

  • We empower removals and delivery companies to run efficiently and maximise profitability
  • Customers get great moving quotes and rely ona simple and straightforward booking process
  • We are committed to helping the UK’s transport industry reduce carbon footprint



One Platform

    One Platform is one of our most recent projects which is going to be officially launched in 2020. The platform is unique of its kind and will allow transport, delivery, and moving companies to manage inventories, weights and measures, as well as route planning, all in one place.

    Furthermore, One Platform will allow our B2B SaaS clients to organise their jobs and streamline the communication with customers, thus allowing for greater flexibility, better customer management and substantial business growth.

  • We will develop innovative features which can work together to streamline all operations
  • Our API documentation will allow seamless integration with other apps and software
  • Transport providers will be able to manage all processes in one, centralised platform