A Look Back: The History of the Moving Industry





Lately, we’ve witnessed many conversations about the changes in the moving industry driven by various forces – emerging technology, the shift in consumer’s demand, new government and environmental policies, etc. etc. Much research has been done on the industry transformation, and we are even trying to predict what’s in store for it in the next decade.

And that’s fine […]

The Moving Industry, The Carbon Footprint and Why On-demand Platforms Can Be a Game Changer



The profound effects of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on the environment and people’s health have brought radical changes that are set to transform the British economy drastically in the near future.

With the British Government committing to a target of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2050, more businesses are taking serious measures to soften carbon footprint and […]

How technology is reshaping the moving services industry


These days, technology is disrupting every aspect of our life and the moving industry is no different.

The world is going digital and is allowing us to use technology to change the removals industry and offer services that go beyond customer’s expectations.

On its surface, the moving industry may seem conservative, but in fact, it’s extremely competitive and […]